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About Christina Edwards van Muijen

Principal Researcher & Founder

Christina (Tina) was born to be a Sensory Scientist. She has a passion for food and people. With over 20 years experience in the Product Guidance and Sensory field, she is well positioned to support your company wherever it may be in its product guidance and sensory journey. 

Core Competencies​

  • Developing sensory programs

  • Consumer quantitative testing (CLTs, HUTs)

  • Consumer qualitative testing (focus groups, personal interviews)

  • Discrimination testing

  • Descriptive panel development

  • Project management

  • Managing external quantitative and qualitative testing vendors

  • Sensory training programs for employees and co-manufacturers.

  • Sensory/survey software

    • Red Jade

    • Compusense

    • Eye Question

    • SIMS

    • Qualtrics

  • Stats software​

    • XL Stat

    • SPSS

    • Eye Open R

Work Experience



Sensory Science

Sr. Wear Test



Sensory Program Manager


Global Consumer Specialist


Sensory and Consumer Insights Research Specialist


The Tina Scale

tina scale v2.png

After years of research for large corporations, Tina has finally patented a scale  to illustrate the many emotions teams go through when developing CPG products.

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